Petition to Paul Penzone


Adrien is at 140lbs. MCSO has sanctioned him from everthing. He wants people to call Sgt. Spurgeon at 602-876-9101 and demand thayt his sanctions be lifted.

Adrien has been hunger striking since the end of January. He's asking for the essentials and the rights of all detainees to be respected.

His Demands

1. Reinstate psyche medication

2. Stop the suspension of legal and commissary to be approved by mental health. 3.To be taking off of the loaf/ He wants his kosher meals/ He states he is being served wet and cold meals.

4.Give MHU inmates the ability to shower.

5. Give MHU inmates the ability to brush their teeth twice a day.

6. The right to basic necessities.

7. The right to legal calls.

8. The right to receive mental health treatment if you are bad.

9. Resolve MCSO staff misconduct, physical, mental, and sexual abuse.

10. No corporal punishment

11. Legal access, access to work on his cases while in MHU. His rights to work on his case has been suspended.

12. Access to send and receive legal mail

13. Equal access to tablet/ states because he is in the mental health unit he is restricted

14. Religious rights

15. POD and cell cleaned/ states his cell and POD has only been cleaned once since 30 OCT 2020.

16. Prescribed Glasses/ Orthopedic shoes/ Prescribed sunglasses

17. Renew Speed Letter, Extra blanket 18.Health concern with excessive kneeling

19.Property accountability SMU1 Cell 12 is the last place his property was