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Adelante Caminante is a family assistance program for migrant families who have been victims of this injustice systems like ICE, Police departments, CBP and the Prison/ Detention systems.

Our story and work

This program was born in 2015 when our program co-manager Juan Miguel and other detainees in Eloy Detention Center organized a hunger strike inside the facility as a response to the Death of Jose de Jesus a 31 year old migrant man from Jalisco Mexico. As a response to the hunger strike, many of the participants were targeted by the detention center and were put in Solitary Confinement and denied medical attention. As a method of checking up on folks inside, we would collectively visit them on a weekly basis and support their families with their cases. Today due to the pandemic we stopped our routined visitations but continue to support families with their Immigration/Criminal cases.


Co - Program Manager Juan Miguel Cornejo

Co - Program Manager Jaime Valdez

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